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Agri Food for Thought: on Brexit

It was a wet and windy start for the NI Agri-Guild Business Breakfast briefing in Ulster Bank’s Belfast head office. But at least we arrived to hear some good news, well as a mum of two hungry teenage boys at least.

Agri-Food Co-Operation in Italy's Red Belt

Emilia Romagna tops Italy’s food export league table representing 16% of the country’s total agri-food exports. The turnover of its agri-food sector is estimated to be worth €25 billion. A humid climate and rich, clay soil, supports 70,000 farms that produce enviable yields of fruit and vegetable crops, second only to its livestock sector in terms of production output. But as well as location and geographical advantages, what contributes to the agri-food power-house that is Emilia Romagna today?

2016 will test Agri-Food Sector says Bank of Ireland

On the eve of its Enterprise Week, the Bank of Ireland (BOI) UK hosted a breakfast seminar at its regional head office in Belfast for PR and media members of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists. The financial challenges for primary producers were top of the agenda.

Agri Food Press Tours

As part of our interests in agri-food, and as secretariat for the Guild of Agricultural Journalists of Ireland (NI region) MF Communication was invited to participate in two major Agri-food press tours of the Italian region of Emilia Romagna to co-incide with the hosting of the World Expo at Milan. These were organised by the regional tourist board in conjuction with the European Network of  Agricultural Journalists.

Leaving Belfast behind for a while, the trips included some excellent facility visits to the area's major food producers such as the well-know pasta brand, Barilla, and ARP Tomato Co-Op, Italy's largest tomato processor. It also included several inspiring visits to the region's top artisan producers of EU protected produce for which the region is famous, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello di Zibello and Aceto Balsamico di Modena Tradizionale. 


Some of the region's outstanding family-owned wineries, organic farms and agri-tourist outlets and cookery schools also opened their doors to our group who came from as far afield as Japan, Argentina, Denmark, Canada and Germany to take part.

A Halloween agri-food story from foggy farmlands of Italy

The story goes that back in the day of the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, with the sale of one prized ham called ‘Culatello di Zibello’, a farmer could purchase another pig. Culatello di Zibello, is a cured cold cut from Emilia Romagna. It has been eaten for centuries and is still revered by Italians today. Yet it is another cold cut brand from the same region, Prosciutto di Parma that people more immediately recognise as the premium Italian pork export.