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Crisis Communications

60% of businesses don't have a plan to deal with a PR crisis on social media, is yours one of them?

The Continuity Insights Crisis Communications: Social Media & Notification Systems survey provides unique insight into recent trends and notable changes in the ways that organizations use social media and notification systems to communicate both internally and externally. There is no surprise that the most recent survey reveals that the use of social media as a communications tool continues to grow with organizations are reporting an increased presence on most social media sites, as well as an increased following by the public.

A Tale of Three Agri Food Scares - Crisis Communications

On the third anniversary of the PR and supply chain agri-food crisis that has now become known as the 'horsemeat scandal', I was interviewed by Richard Halleron, of Farming Life on how today, more than ever, agri-food businesses should be prepared for a crisis in the ‘always on’ age. Here's the feature that was published as a result...

Crisis Communications

Corporate and brand reputations can be damaged by unforeseen events but also by how a company responds to them, leading to serious repercussions for your bottom line or share price.  Today anyone with a smart-phone can damage your hard-earned reputation. A 24/7 news cycle and the viral power of the internet means that proactive planning and preparedness ahead of a major incident is key to a modern-day crisis communications response.