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Tips for Creating Compelling Online Content

A Page Society Insight Forum provides some useful tips on developing online content...

The insights reinforce the view that the goal of communications in business is to create a community of advocates for the enterprise and its products, policies and priorities. While content is key its purpose is not just to deliver motivating messages, but also to engage stakeholders in participatory dialogue that builds a lasting relationship:

  • Creating compelling content requires a focused strategy. Make sure the right messages reach targeted audiences using the right channels. Sheffer.

  • Thoughtful, shareable content can create a community of interest around an enterprise and its priorities. – Diane Gage Lofgren, Kaiser Permanente.

  • Research helps ensure that content meets stakeholder needs.  “Our job is to keep the horse in touch with its thirst (rather than lead it to water).” – Oscar Suris, Bank of America.

  • Content based on deep human insights leads to purpose-driven branding. – Kelly Vanasse, P&G.

  • Content flows from the culture. “We all just need to lighten up.” – Brad Shaw, The Home Depot.

  • You must create not just content, but the experience with content. – Raju Narisetti, News Corp.

  • Compelling content is found at the intersection of the emotional and the rational. – Bob Feldman, PulsePoint.

*Source Arthur C Page Society

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