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Is Social Media a Waste of Time for Marketers?

Professor Mark Ritson of Melbourne University and a leading marketing brand consultant recently delivered a blistering attack on the way some marketing and business publications are presenting the power of social media...

In his presentation at the World Sales Forum in Australia he digs into the data and analytics to provide some convincing comparisons that suggest that social media is of limited use to brands when compared to traditional advertising platforms of TV and radio. Traditional platforms are thriving despite what the myths around the 'death of TV' would suggest.

His argument is a powerful one. He explores how some of the biggest brands and businesses in Australia have a fraction of the followers online than individuals and a reaching a miniscule number of their customers even if they do have social media presences.

He concludes that social media is a social network and not for brands. He points out that whilst the hype would have us believe that marketing spend is or should be going into social, the reality is far from the case.

When considering how much resource to place on social media, think about the purpose. It may not the 'be all and end all' that some would have you believe.  (Source: Marketing Week)

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