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A New Year for marketing and a chance to think-forward

Mark Ritson's regular slot* in Marketing Week advises us to 'ignore all the waffle and set aside time for strategic thinking'...

As we start in to work again, he offers some very simple advice that only requires an hour, a pen and a piece of paper. His advice is to start the year by answering three simple questions about the brand you are managing and, not wishing to lose any of the cut-the b******* Ritson style, I quote:

"First, who are we targeting and – unless you are wearing the Byron Sharp commemorative underwear – who you are not."

"Second, what is our position for the brand? Not the usual ‘Innovating with integrity for the people of the world’ brand-purpose balls, but rather what we actually want to stand for to that target customer we identified a question ago."

"Finally, what is the objective for the brand this year? Ideally there will be just one but certainly not more than two or three of these objectives."

- Now where's that pen and paper?

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*source: Mark Ritson, Marketing Week, J Jan 2018

"We marketers are a frenetic bunch. We confuse business with success, and hours worked with impact."

Mark Ritson

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