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The rise of the Podcast in the time of Covid-19

Looking back on the past year or so strictly from a professional communications perspective, there have been many text book examples of how not to communicate during a crisis.

But rather than focus on the negative, there have also been shining examples of companies and brands who have got it right. Not surprisingly social media and digital communications was the channel of choice during the these restrictive times and one technique which has taken a leap-frog forward in terms of growth is the Podcast.

MF Communication was privileged to have managed a series of very successful podcasts early on in the pandemic for a client in the agri-food sector. The results have proven that in the absence of traditional ways of meeting up with stakeholders, customers or suppliers a podcast, if created, distributed and promoted properly has a meaningful and lasting emotional impact with an audience that arguably transcends all other digital mediums.

“The ABP Summer Podcast is a fantastic example of communicating important messages using non-traditional routes. Excellent production, engaging comparing and contributors who’s experience was both challenging and thought-provoking helped put a focus on key safety messages during a time when it was needed. This has greatly assisted the Farm Safety Partnership during a difficult period.”

Brian Monson, Deputy CEO, Health & Safety E xecutive NI

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